Video-microscope SANXO-Scope HD U4, 18 MPixel, 35-62 FPS View larger

Video-microscope SANXO-Scope HD U4, 18 MPixel, 35-62 FPS

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The digital microscope product brought into the market by SANXO offers a complete setup for magnified high framerate live image inspection. It was originally designed as a rugged and accessible manual inspection workbench for products and objects such as PCB boards. The emphasis in development was put to open space above the working surface allowing the object under inspection to be both easily moved around and manually manipulated with tools in an ergonomic working position. Adjustability, customizability and expandability were also considered granting the possibility to fit the setup for many uses.

Fast focusing in milliseconds:

New approach of focusing makes much faster focusing by applying new focusing method. You either using continuous autofocus or mouse controlled autofocus. In continuous autofocus mode the central area of the display will be in focus. Using the mouse controlled autofocus the double-click triggers the autofocus on the area where the mouse pointer is.

Hyperfocus Imaging:

The tunable lens brings add on features for the user. Using the so called image stacking or focus stacking technique and the HDR function(High Dynamic Range), a big depth of field HDR image can be generated using the SANXO-Scope HD. Also a 3D mesh surface is generated which gives better understanding and a clear visualization of the object to be checked. The 3D mesh image can be rotated easily by the used using the mouse.


The camera stand allows the user to use different working distance very easily by moving the camera closer or further. If the object distance is fixed then the user still can use the real-digital zoom by rolling the mouse wheel. Using the digital zoom the image is equally very sharp and clear on the full HD resolution LCD thank for the very good cameras.

TAMRON megapixel 50mm focal lens and IDS Imaging camera.

TAMRON megapixel 25mm focal lens and IDS Imaging camera.

Other objective lenses can be used for the Sanxo-scope. The TAMRON 50mm focal lens and the others 50mm and 75mm lenses


All the configurations are equipped with a robust platform with an adjustable support, a complete screen with a HD resolution, a mini-PC (+ mouse), the TAMRON megapixel lenses and the SAN14W lighting. The standard set up that covers a large part of the different uses uses a TAMRON 50mm prime lens objective and a flat diffuse lighting. Additional accessories are available.

Technical charatetistics :

CameraIDS Imaging 18 MPixel color camera

Included lensMegapixel TAMRON 50mm ( magnification from x 25 to x 85) or 25mm ( magnification from x 20 to x 50 )

Optional lensesMegapixel TAMRON 75 mm ( magnification from x25 to x150 ). Fot magnifications from x150 to x220

MonitorFull HD résolution 22

Camera standRobuste and ajustable



3D imagingAvailable

LightingSAN-14W White ilumination (12VDC) 209 x 98 x 20 mm - Included

Framerate35-62 FPS

Through wiringYes

SMD wiringYes

Wire inspectionYes

SMD inspection finepitchYes

Other use (mechanical)Yes

Accessories :

- Tunable lens, Ref. W700001

- Extra lens F = 25 mm, Ref. W700004 new

- Extra lens F = 725 mm, Ref. W700003 new

- Dual light source 14 W, Ref. W700002

- X-Y table A2 size (400 x 305 x 40 mm), Ref. W700005 new

- X-Y table A3 size (204 x 204 x 30 mm), Ref. W700006 new

- Tilting table Ø 200 mm with ESD mat cover, Ref. W700025 new