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Manual stencil printer TECPRINT 500

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The TECPRINT 500 is a new manual laboratory stencil printer. The TECPRINT 500 is a compact manual stencil printer that will allow you to make your screen printings in record time and at a lower cost.

This compact machine will allow you to accurately deposit your soldering paste and various pasty products.

The stencil is placed in seconds thanks to an original system of autotendeur frame. No need to have a frame for each stencil.

The X, Y and theta alignment is made with 3 screws on the sides of the machine.

Compact, the TECPRINT 500 can nevertheless receive circuits of 30 x 50 mm up to 200 x 270 mm.

Auto tensioner frame to allow to fix your stencils of different formats

Maximum size of the printed circuit: 200 x 270 mm

Minimum size of the printed circuit: 30 x 50 mm

Max stencil size: 220 x 320 mm

Mini size of the stencil: 50 x 50 mm

Positioning of the silk screen card on two adjustable bars with stops

Provision of three pre-set counters to prevent buckling of the circuit (anti-buckling)

Double reflow process possible (height available 25 mm)

Put the stencil in seconds

Very easy alignment in X, Y and theta ± 7.0 mm

Delivered complete with accessories: anti-buckling pawns, metal buckle

Technical specifications

Model : TECPRINT 500

Reference : V900016

Max stencil : 220 x 320 mm

Mini stencil : 50 x 50 mm

Recommended stencil size : 210 x 310 mmMax PCB : 200 x 270 mm

Mini PCB : 30 x 50 mm

Dimensions : 315 x 550 x 230 mm

Net weight : 6.0 Kg

The stencil printer TECPRINT 500 (ref. V900016) is delivered complete with

a squeegee with stainless steel blade

3 adjustable pins for PCB anti-buckling

Available options:

- Starter Kit of products for stencil printers TECPRINT (ref. V800040)

- Spare squeegee for TECPRINT 500 (ref. V700118)

- set of 4 aluminium PCB support bars for TECPRINT 500 (ref. V500086)

- Stainless stencil 127 µm - 200 x 250 mm for TECPRINT 500 (ref. V700053)