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Our general sales conditions are meant to comply with our national and European Union regulation.

Articles L.441-.6 & L.442-6 from Trade code.


Unless special and written agreement, any order implies the adhesion without exclusion or reserve to the present conditions of sales which will govern only our sales. The general conditions of purchase of the customer or any other document emanating from him will not be enforceable against us.


Catalogs, brochures and price lists of our Company does not constitute a binding offer on our part. They can be changed at any time without notice. CIF-RETAIL expressly reserves the right to bring to the products or materials any modifications deemed useful in their presentation, description, characteristics. Offers are valid only within the limit of the option period which unless otherwise stipulated, is one month.


Delivery times are only indicative and possible delays do not give the right to the buyer to cancel the order, refuse the goods or claim damages. Any contrary clause in writing shall not be enforceable against us.

In case of exceeding the deadline of more than 30 working days, the Customer may cancel all or part of his order subject to prior notice CIF-RETAIL by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt if customer has fulfills toward CIF-Retail all of its obligations. This right of cancellation is excluded for customized products.

CIF-RETAIL is authorized to make deliveries in whole or in part. In any event, timely delivery can only occur if the Customer has fulfilled all of its obligations toward CIF-RETAIL.


Any buyer of products or materials agrees to comply with the storage requirements, instructions for use, etc ... mentioned on the packaging and documentation. Any warranty from CIF-RETAIL is excluded for incidents and for any damage whatsoever resulting from deterioration or accident resulting from negligence, lack of supervision or maintenance.

The responsibility of CIF-RETAIL will be released automatically and without formality in case the customer has not reported, within eight days of receipt of the goods, any apparent defect or error of execution of the order. Returns for exchange or credit of goods can be made by the customer only on proof and after written agreement of our Company, this agreement does not involve any recognition.


Unless otherwise required by law,

The responsibility of CIF-RETAIL can be committed only on proven fault and exclusive in the realization of the damage;

CIF-RETAIL will in no event be held liable to the customer for any indirect damage such as prejudice or commercial disorder, loss of customers, loss of benefits, loss of brand image or loss of data;

in any event, the responsibility of CIF-RETAIL towards the Customer cannot be sought beyond 6 months following the occurrence of the event causing it and exceed the total amount without VAT paid by the Customer to CIF-RETAIL under the order that generated its responsibility.

CIF-RETAIL does not guarantee the availability and backup of the data and information available on its website and reserves the right to modify, add or delete data without notice.


This site is dedicated only to professional customers whose head office and delivery location are within the European Union and for which delivery is made available from the order form on the website.


Minimum order : 30 € without taxes.

Given the regulations in force for the shipping of dangerous goods, additional packaging & Freight costs may be charged.

Unless otherwise indicated, all our equipment is guaranteed 12 months parts and labor, factory return (at the customer's expense), against any manufacturing defect.

Prices of goods are quoted Ex-Works 78-Buc-France (warehouse) – Incoterms 2010 - ICC.

The payment is due on date of the order. The payment methods available are subject to change at any time without notice. Any payment by check or bank transfer must be accompanied by reference to the CIF-RETAIL order number.


Any delay in payment of any due date is automatically and without formality subject to a moratorium interest equal to three times the interest rate applied by the European Central Bank to its most recent refinancing operation plus 10 points percentage. Late payment penalties are due without a reminder being required the day after the settlement date on the invoice. A fixed compensation of 40 euros per invoice is payable in case of exceeding the term and without a reminder being necessary. In the event of late payment, CIF-RETAIL reserves the right to suspend formally the execution of orders in the portfolio. In case of repeated failure, CIF-RETAIL expressly reserves the right to demand payment against documents. The non-payment of a single invoice on its due date automatically imposes the balance of all the outstandings. Down payments may be retained to cover potential losses on resale.


The goods, even shipped in France, travel at the risk and peril of the recipient. Our goods are carefully sorted, checked and packaged before shipment. It is the responsibility of the recipient to take all reservations with the carrier in case of deterioration or break-in of packages. CIF-RETAIL can not be held responsible for any loss or damage during transport.


The goods will remain our property until the full payment of their price but the buyer will however become responsible for their shipment and must take out the necessary insurance contracts to ensure the risk of loss, theft or destruction of the goods designated.


CIF-RETAIL retains ownership of the goods delivered until full payment of their price in principal and interest. In this respect, a payment within the meaning of this provision does not constitute the remittance of a draft or any other security creating an obligation to pay. In the absence of payment by the buyer of a single fraction of the price, at agreed deadlines and eight days after a formal notice by simple registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt remained unsuccessful, the present sale will be resolved by right if we see fit .


CIF-RETAIL's failure to exercise the rights deriving from the general terms and conditions of sale at any time and for any reason whatsoever may not be interpreted as an abandonment of its right to subsequently observe each of the stipulations of the said conditions.


Any dispute will be express agreement between the parties of the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Yvelines (78000 VERSAILLES / FRANCE) and this, whatever the nature, the cause or the link of the litigation and whatever the special conditions of sale may be even in the event of an appeal in guarantee or of plurality of the defendants.

NOTE: the products belonging to the DESTOCKING category are neither returned nor exchanged. This is a product that has been the subject of customer demonstrations, which may have minor or end-of-series defects.

CIF-RETAIL is a brand of the company CIF - CIRCUIT IMPRIME FRANCAIS.

CIF is registered in the R.C.S. of Versailles under the number 316 469 345.